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So you decide the time as finally come to renew that so called dividing Fence between yourself and your neighbour. Time to patch up the holes, straighten those posts and decide what Fence panels you now want ... simple right? a fence is a fence .......... or is that simple !

In this Blog we will look at some of the most popular Fencing on Sea Panel options.

Waney Lap Fence Panels

The Waney Lap Fence Panel, also known as the Overlap or Larch Lap Fence Panel, is still the UK’s most popular fence panel. Ideal for garden boundaries, this panel offers an economic Fencing solution. The Waney fence panel is formed from Waney edge boards that partially overlap and is then framed with battens and finished with a top cap.

Feather Edge Fence Panels

The Feather Edge Panel, also known as a Close Board Fence Panel is made from vertical Feather Edge Boards, each partially overlapping and fixed to rails on the back. The Feather Edge Panel is mainly used for boundary Fencing and is the more robust option to the common Waney Lap Panel. The Panel is finished with a top cap.

Picket Fence Panel

The Picket Fence Panel, also known as a Pale Fence Panel is an attractive Fence panel that allows air to pass through it. It is ideal for more windy areas where a more decorative look is wanted. The Picket Fence Panel has vertical pales, and rails to the back. The open design makes this fence panel practical and decorative for a nice finish whilst allowing the wind to pass through its gaps.

Trellis Panel

The Trellis Panel is a more decorative option which can be used as a boundary Fence but is not so common as gives a very open feel.It can also be used on a wall for climbing plants.

Decorative Fence Panel

The Decorative Fence Panel provides another boundary fence option, it is sturdy and attractive and offers an alternative to the more standard Fence Panel options.

With so many Garden Fence Panel options available today it is becoming easier to transform your garden starting with your Boundary Fence.

For more Panel styles and previous completed jobs from the Fencing on Sea Team please check out our Gallery. Thank you.

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